How to find the best ad networks?

Trick question. What you really should ask is how can I find and determine what the right ad networks are for my client and/or campaign? In order to decide that, you need to back up a bit and think about objectives. What is you brand or client trying to accomplish? That goal will dictate the next questions you want to ask to find the right ad network.

Is your campaign built for brand awareness? Are you promoting a new product? Are you trying to reach a very niche audience? These are the questions to ask your client so that you can get started with the vendor evaluation process.

Let’s say the answers to those three questions are yes. Your client is a QSR that wants to make a niche group of consumers aware of the product and more likely to consider purchasing it. In this case, you may want to find a vendor that offers audience targeting as well as contextual.

Since you’re starting with limited information about the campaign parameters but know what the main targeting tactic will be, you can start by using the search box within the Digital Networks & Tech database at

“Audience targeting” provides you with 23 potential vendors to evaluate – too many for the limited time you have. So it’s time to compare and evaluate.

Your client is a big brand that wants to incorporate rich media in any banner ads, so you can check that in the filter section. As you whittle your results down, you can go into the full listings of potential vendors to truly understand what each company does and how they differ. You’re interested in contextual advertising as well, so you can check to see which vendors offer that service.

By the end of this short and sweet process, you’re left with only a handful of high-value vendors to request proposals from. You also have contact information so you can go ahead and begin to schedule calls. That’s a very basic example of how agencies can use for their third-party digital media planning.

Here’s another example. Perhaps your client is a luxury brand that wants to increase leads through registration forms on a landing page. In this case, you may want to find an ad network that uses site targeting to reach affluent consumers. The creative must be engaging (probably video), since the goal is to prompt the visitor to conduct a certain action – clicking the link and filling out the form. offers insights on all of these data-points and vendors right at your fingertips.

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