How you can reach the busy 24/7 planners & buyers

67% of media planners feel like they are growing more dependent on media as a source of information and/or entertainment in my life,  according to a recent MediaPost survey. That's compared to 47% of consumers. The survey also found that a good chunk of media planners and buyers feel that media is starting to trump other important items in their lives, such as family, friends, exercise, sleep and work.

Planners also reported spending almost 10 hours each weekday with media. We found that specifically in their work-lives, planners and buyers are extremely busy as well. On average, a planner or buyer is working on four clients and more than half work on 3 or more clients. As today’s planners and buyers continue to be inundated throughout their day, it's critical that you adapt in the ways you reach out and what you say.

Media brands need to be succinct in their pitching and get straight to the point, or they may be left off the plan. At, we strive to offer media companies a variety of ways to make an impact on planners as they are considering which brands should make the campaign.

  1. Premium listings deliver higher search ranking and more compelling, actionable data in results and your profile.
  2. Display ads allow you tell your sales story 24/7: before, during and after the RFP. Make your statement in the competitive, multimedia world.
  3. We’ll build your Video Media Kit to bring your brand to life in an engaging medium, where plans are made.
  4. Want face-time with planners and buyers? Sponsor the SRDS Media Mixology Series. Hang out with the people who are too busy to take a meeting with your reps.

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