Innovation: transfer and translate

At the ARF conference in Chicago, Robert Wolcott, Co-Founder and Executive Director at the Kellogg Innovation Network, served as the keynote speaker, discussing the challenges facing innovation teams at major corporations and agencies today.

Probably the most interesting item he shared was a video from Tesco on the Homeplus Subway Virtual Store. View the video below.


Wolcott emphasized that even though this innovative idea may not work in every market, he believes that there is something to be learned from any company’s most creative ideas.

His rule is “transfer and translate.” Understand what the company is trying to achieve, determine what’s applicable in your market (transfer) and then tweak it so that it powers your own innovation (translate). That’s something I think any media planner or marketer can take and run with.

What’s the last innovative idea you witnessed in the industry?

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