Integrated Print and Digital Promotion Trends

The use of coupons and promotions for CPG brands is nothing new, but with the continuing growth of digital, the promotional landscape is becoming even more competitive. In 2016 we saw growth across several areas in the FSI and digital arenas. Here’s an overview at how the year shaped up.

In 2016, more than 280 billion print coupons distributed more than $521 billion in purchase incentives across more than 179 billion pages. 15 of the top 20 manufacturers increased FSI promotion activity, 12 of the top 20 increased digital promotion activity and 9 of the top 20 increased both FSI and digital promotion activity.

During this time, more than 5.6 billion digital coupons were “clipped” delivering more than $10.4 billion in purchase incentives across more than 5.3 billion page views. 1,882 manufacturers distributed digital coupons including 455 who distributed both FSI and digital coupons, while 212 distributed FSI, digital and mobile promotion offers.

Average Face Values increased for both print and digital promotions while Expiration lengths decreased for both. Expiration lengths now average 6.0 weeks for print promotion and 4.4 weeks for digital promotion. However, some leading manufacturers are averaging less than 3.0 weeks for their print promotion offers.

We monitored more than 16.1 billion pages of retailer print promotions distributed and more than 4.4 billion digital coupons “clipped” on retailer websites. Dollar General ranked number one for retailer FSI promotion pages in 2016, jumping from number four the previous year. Target ended the year in the number 2 position, holding steady from 2015.

In 2016, 16 percent of new product launches received both print and digital promotion support. Promotional strategy within this segment varied:
  • Digital promotion support first: 83%
  • Print promotion support first: 11%
  • Launched with both: 6%
Throughout the year, promotional strategies varied across brands. Some manufacturers chose to use digital and mobile offers as a supplement to “boost” their print promotions and drive shoppers to the store and down the aisle. Others opted exclusively for digital and mobile offers to compete for the sale at the shelf.

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