Integrated Print & Digital Promotion Webinar

Webinar: Understanding 2017 Trends to Shape 2018 Strategies

This webinar took place on February 27th, with a repeat session on March 8th, exploring 2017's most important promotion trends across digital and print. Click here to view the recording

Did you know?

  • $567 billion worth of incentives were distributed throughout the promotion coupon landscape in 2017
  • Non-Food BOGO use is increasing in Print while BOGO use among Food products is increasing in Digital
  • Mobile events that are percent off average 17%

What does it all mean for your brand, category, and 2018 promotion strategy?

View the recording to hear from Kantar Media’s Darcy Douglas, Lisa Ekstedt, and Jon Swallen in this can’t-miss session, as they reviewed the most important overall trends in Print, Digital, Mobile and Advertising, with special focus on:

  • 2017 Highlights
  • Timing and seasonality trends
  • BOGO trends
  • Mobile promotion trends
  • What’s next for 2018?

View the recording

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