Kantar Media's 2014 MARS consumer health study

Kantar Media’s MARS Consumer Health Study helps agencies, marketers and media make better healthcare media and marketing decisions. Since 2001, it has been the only dedicated, syndicated study in the healthcare industry that provides actionable insights around consumers' multimedia consumption habits, ailment conditions (including treatment options), drug brand usage for Rx and OTC remedies, extensive psychographic, attitudinal and behavioral information concerning pharmaceuticals and healthcare, wellness and prevention, insurance coverage and much more.

Released annually, the study offers agencies, advertisers, and media access to a nationally representative base of about 20,000 respondents, providing stable and reliable information. Response rates are continuously high and the sample is further augmented with additional pre-identified sufferers of specific diseases and ailments. The study fields January to March and is released in late April.

  • Stable and reliable information projectable to the U.S. population based on 20,000+ respondents.
  • Insights into category and product usage for 500+ OTC and Rx drugs and remedies.
  • Segmented information for 70 different health conditions, with additional targeting by current treatment.
  • Media effectiveness insights with consumer actions taken as a result of healthcare advertising.
  • Media usage insights including print readership of 100+ selected consumer and health-related magazines as well as television/cable viewing, radio listening and Internet usage.
  • Value of healthcare information sources beyond traditional media.
  • An understanding of the health and wellness of the consumer and those who provide care to other family members.
  • Extensive demographic data as well as consumer attitudes and opinions about healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

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