Kantar Media Newsroom: Women Ruled Last Week

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The Week of the Woman

Female ad leaders form Time’s Up/Advertising

As an addition to the movement formed on January 1 called Time’s Up, where women in the entertainment industry got together to aid others who have been discriminated against or sexually harassed, several leaders in the advertising world gathered to form their version, Time’s Up/Advertising. “Time's Up/Advertising says it hopes to drive new policies, practices and actions that address discrimination, harassment and abuse in the workplace with the goal to create a more diverse, balanced and accountable leadership. The group plans on posting its progress on timesupadvertising.com, focusing on three main actions: Committing to creating solutions that work, starting with examining the processes and policies that it says have failed women; identifying and mentoring people who represent diversity across the board and are ready to become agency leaders; and adopting progressive agency training and education that brings this discussion and its solutions out into the open with our agencies.” Part of the whole, Time’s Up/Advertising will also help the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, set up at the same time as the inaugural Time’s Up organization. The fund is meant for women who need financial legal funds to help defend sexual harassment lawsuits.

International Women’s Day reaches fever pitch

A compilation of the efforts on International Women’s Day illustrates the disparity in equality from one nation to another; with labor and “domestic strikes” occurring in Spain, special gender discounts in France and protests all over the globe calling attention to pay, harassment and equality issues. On the heels of the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, #InternationalWomensDay proved to be explosive, with communication from all types of industries coming out last week focused on corporate diversity reporting, “shout outs,” and special promotions. Key women leaders also spoke out via social media – with tweets from Hilary Clinton, Malala and Ellen Degeneres going viral.

Diet Madison Avenue takes over Instagram

You might be thirsty for a Diet Coke, looking at Diet Madison Avenue’s Instagram logo, but don’t be fooled, the only thirst you’ll quench with this handle is your thirst for gossip. DMA was formed several months ago, but within the last couple weeks has grown exponentially, most likely due to its goal of outing harassers in the ad industry. This “watchdog” Instagram account went dark for a short time on March 5, but quickly turned the lights back on, threatening to spotlight those who have continually been shielded from prosecution and recourse. Critics say the account is dangerous – having anonymous posters without proving they vetted the information – can become unwieldy. This might be a flash-in-the-pan, but more anonymous accounts may be born from this, offering a slippery slope of accusations and witch hunts.

Social Media

MLB looks to bring baseball to new audiences

Facebook and Major League Baseball have announced a partnership to stream 25 weekday afternoon games during the 2018 season. This exclusive partnership will give Facebook audiences in the US on Facebook Watch an opportunity to check out games while simultaneously forcing local viewers to log on as this agreement prevents regional broadcasts of the selected games. This is the first agreement of its kind for MLB, and will serve as a potential template for other platforms as well. “Facebook, Twitter and Amazon and other tech companies are in a race to acquire sports streaming rights, which can be lucrative and potentially boost user loyalty. The deal comes at a time when leagues are worrying about cord-cutters causing a decrease in viewers among cable television networks.” Currently, Verizon has paid to stream a handful of NBA games on Yahoo while Amazon has worked a deal with the NFL to stream some games as part of its Prime membership offering. The Facebook-MLB agreement will allow for more interactive and engaging elements versus a traditional streaming service.

What a difference a month makes

Unilever’s top marketer has made an about-face of sorts, in talking with Campaign regarding his assessment of social media’s role in the universe. “He truly thinks the social media giants clearly want to make the world a better place. Unsavory content is a sign that they’re not there yet and that, in fact, they have reached a different destination rather than where they thought they were going. Will they reorient themselves? Well, yes, Weed claims they are trying to -- and there’s no need for draconian action from politicians because lawmakers can’t move as fast as the tech giants can themselves.” So, no boycott, because ultimately, social media is too strong of a communication channel to divest from it now.

One More Thing

Has DC’s Metro has taken it too far?

Anti-positioning advertising has been the name of the game for the US Capital’s mass transit system, ever since an anti-Muslim group tried to rent space on its trains. Since then, a blanketed, broad, often confusing mandate has other groups crying foul. “Activists and advocacy groups have sounded off at a regular clip after seeing ads for their nonprofit organizations, human rights-centered campaigns and product launches rejected by Metro, holding them up against commercial advertising they say is equally — if not more — provocative than their promotions.’” The latest kerfuffle is centered on Humanity & Inclusion – formerly called Handicap International, when they “attempted to buy $16,000 worth of ads in January to promote its new brand, but Metro turned down the promotional campaign, Executive Director Jeff Meer said. He said the organization spent about two years overhauling its brand, including conversations with donors, staff members and others closely associated with it, resulting in a new identity that everybody ‘really loved.’ ‘There was no advocacy ask,’ Meer said. ‘There was no petition to sign. It’s really meant to introduce our new brand, about which we feel very good. And that’s why we were so surprised.’” The question is, how far is too far in policing content.

Who's on Top? - February 26 - March 4, 2018

Walt Disney Pictures breaks records and brings back classics

Despite the Winter Olympics coming to a close the week prior, the lack of pricey ad inventory had little effect on new ad spending. Expenditures saw a small bump of three percent week over week. 

Walt Disney Pictures took the number one spot this week for spend on new ads, investing 74 percent of its national TV budget on new commercials. Most of the spend ($3.3 million) went into promotion of their new flick, A Wrinkle in Time. The other $1.3 million was used to tour the success of record-setting Black Panther. 


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