Legal Advertising Roundup - 6/20-7/4

Here's the top story in legal advertising over the past two weeks from Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG):

Talcum Powder Verdict Wins Unique Treatment by Trial Lawyers

For the first time in our history of monitoring mass tort solicitation advertising, Kantar Media reports that a law firm has taken to quoting a jury member in one of its ads against a pharmaceutical company. Trial lawyer giant Gold Shield Group, responsible for $7 million in mass tort advertising thus far in 2016, recently released a new ad on national cable referencing the $72 million talcum powder verdict against Johnson & Johnson. This ad quoted the jury foreman in the trial: “It was really clear they were hiding something. All they had to do was put a warning label on.” We’ll see whether quoting jury members is an emerging trend for lawyers in their ad solicitations.


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