Local media planning

I know some of you have local clients that you plan for. I have heard your frustrations: wanting to be able to see media options in your selected market; being able to see ALL media in a selected market; being able to look at multiple markets.

We hear you! Did you know that searching "Local Media by DMA" is available in next.srds.com?

Everyone has access to it from the Search tab. When I demo it, I use the example:

“You have a client who has been buying the same markets forever and a day, and they call you and ask for you to throw something together for a couple new markets they're exploring.”

I use this example because I know it happens. I also know that, in the old SRDS, it wasn’t as easy as “just throwing something together.” Now it is that easy. 

  1. Select your market or markets (from all 210 DMAs).
  2. When your results load, you have the landscape of media options available, in the markets you selected, for the media databases you license.
  3. Now it’s as simple as filtering down to the media you plan for this client. 

We've put together a quick video to show you just how powerful this search can be.


Have you used the "Local Media by DMA" search? Tell us about your experience.

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