Local media planning fundamentals webinar

Fundamentals of Local Media Planning

Last week we hosted our first webinar with a specific focus on local media planning, sponsored by Rentrak. If you missed the live presentation, don't worry. You can watch the recording in full here.

There was so much content to cover in one hour and we had a few of your questions go unanswered during the allotted time, so we'd like to address those below.  

Will Rentrak data be available as part of an SRDS subscription?

  • Yes, the data is being integrated into the listings where applicable. It will be coming soon for subscribers of TV/Cable data. 

How does Vladimir Jones track results for traditional media campaigns?

  • We do field study research in the market before, after, and during to gauge awareness, engagement, and opinion. We also look at lists of digital search and the traffic of the website when the traditional media goes out. For awareness campaigns, we rely on measurement tools like Nielsen and Arbitron to track influence. 

What qualities do an effective media planner embody? How does one succeed in this position? How does one potentially fail?

  • An appetite for learning. You need to absorb all new media types that are coming and be able to decipher what's relevant and what's not. A successful media planner uses their tools to bring recommendations together. Clients don't want to hear about your gut feeling, they want you to show them what influences your actions. Failure is caused by neglecting the use of those tools and be not being accountable for your decisions. 

My agency already has access to the TV data. Will the Rentrak data be part of our access or is that additional?

  • Yes, it will be part of your access at no additional fee.

I know Rentrak has many measurement services so can you please clarify which service/data you will be integrating?

  • We are integrating the local TV data which is measured through their StationView Essentials service.

How does SRDS determine which DMA a local website should be assigned to?

  • If the website is tied to a newspaper or magazine then the site is assigned to the same DMA as the print component. If it is a pure play site then the DMA is based on research by our data team.

What is the easiest way to find which local websites sell programmatic inventory?

  • If your company has access to digital websites in SRDS.com, then you can just click on “Programmatic” and scroll down to the DMA filter and choose the DMA you are interested in. 

Kantar Media SRDS sends a big thank you to all who attended and we hope you found it informative and applicable to your roles. We'd also like to thank our guest presenter, Jon Bross of Vladimir Jones, as well as our sponsor, Rentrak. Be on the lookout for more insightful webinars from SRDS in the near future..

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