Location, location, location

A new (but familiar) Market Lookup feature is now available within SRDS. We've brought back (and enhanced) the ability to identify a market area based on a ZIP code, city, county or state.

If you plan local media, you know it can sometimes be difficult to know the area in which you're planning. With over 43,000 ZIP codes, 3,000 counties, 200 DMAs and 300 MSAs, how in the world (okay, country) do you keep up?

The Market Lookup tool is available to local media subscribers whenever they search locally in SRDS, and appears in any search that includes local results, including newspaper, radio, TV and cable, out-of-home and local digital media.

Using Market Lookup only takes three easy steps:

  1. Click the "Find DMA" link at the top of the Markets area. In the Radio database, this link says “Find Market."
  2. Enter search criteria to identify the market. Each of the searches below will return the DMA in which your data resides. For radio, the MSA and/or non-metro market will be identified.
  • ZIP Code: Enter 5 digits
  • City and State: Both are required
  • County and State: Both are required
  • State: a state search will identify all DMAs or MSAs and non-metro markets with coverage in that state.
  1. Review your results. See what markets match your search criteria, plus see all the SRDS listings in these markets. Close or click off the search box to see these listings displayed on your main results page. When you do a keyword search, your market lookup will also display the listings in that market that match your keyword.

So go ahead, identify the newspaper market for Clayton, Georgia, find the MSA where ZIP Code 71417 resides, and view all the "Sports" listings in the state of Texas to your heart's desire!

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