Magazine & newspaper apps in TML: over 800 & counting!

Tablet apps continue to grow exponentially. In Fall of 2010, SRDS noticed the fast take-off of this new media option and launched the SRDS Tablet Media Library. Due to our industry relationships, it was obvious that publishers were leading the way in the development and implementation of tablet apps, and as they developed them advertisers came—so they learned how to bring them to market faster.

SRDS started collecting and databasing those tablet apps that accept advertising. We're excited to announce that the Tablet Media Library now include over 800 tablet apps, in multiple app stores, that accept advertising!

As apps pick up steam, everyone seems to be looking for more data on them. You may have seen that the AAAA has asked for more metrics from publishers.

When we launched in 2010, the general response was "It's nice to know it's there but our clients are slow to ask about advertising on tablet apps." I imagine that has changed considerably, but you tell me.

Are your clients as hungry for apps as consumers?

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