Making mistakes: improving communication between media buyers and sellers

Back again, my friends, to start a two-part series. As a former SRDS user and current associate, I hope to combine the Media Buyer's perspective with the challenges that also face the Media Seller (I've done both for a while now). A good friend and colleague asked me to comment on a recent article on iMediaConnection, "10 Painfully Common Mistakes That Salespeople Make." Flattered, I gave it a read. Before reading any further, please take a look as well.

Here's my interpretation:

Media Buyers want to be sold, but not beat over the head. They want to be able to share the hopes and dreams of their client, allowing the Media Seller to match their wares to help achieve those goals and objectives.

They do not want to feel like someone is "trying to be their pal" or "buying their love" through food or gifts. Honestly, I would have issues beyond the ethical with someone buying me jeans or shoes—that may even be borderline creepy—or maybe I am jealous that it never happened to me, but I digress.

The author says he will give equal coverage to mistakes of the Media Buyer. Interestingly enough, I would say that the issues shared in this article could be slightly (in some cases ever so) adjusted and served back to fit that bill.

If I were a betting man, I will guess that one of the chief complaints that media owners have about media buyers is lack of communication—communication of basic methodology for analyzing a particular ad buy, communication of the client's true goals and objectives, communication of changes to a buy, etc.

This is where I would love your help. I know that either side of the scenario has (overall) an opportunity for improvement, and the ones that really lose are the clients and the audience they wish to reach.

What are your thoughts? Either from the buying or selling perspective, what do you wish your counterparts did more of? Less?

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