Marketing to the millennial mom

VIA Agency President, Leeann Leahy, wrote an intriguing post on marketing to millennial moms for iMedia Connection recently.

As a mom herself, Leahy urges us to remember that moms do not abandon their individual personalities upon giving birth. Like everyone else, modern moms are busy and dynamic, but the fact that they want the best for their children remains unchanged. Leahy notices a trend that many consumers are craving simplicity, citing the organic food craze. Moms who are looking for the best for their families want to be able to pronounce the ingredients they serve.

Her post also provides some great examples of ad campaigns that are successfully speaking to moms as well as nontraditional families. She takes note of dad’s ever-growing presence around the house and in the kitchen (Cascade Ad), but maintains that the “mom knows best” mentality is still effective. Moms are just getting information in new ways, and Leahy praises Welch’s “Just Hangin’” Campaign for covering their bases on everything from Tumblr and online video content to traditional advertising.

Read the full article here.

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