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Stephanie Holland has worked in ad sales for almost ten years. Currently she serves as the Market Development Manager of Online Advertising at the American Chemical Society, focusing on marketing to potential advertisers, society members and non-members. Although the ACS is in a niche, b-to-b space, the society publishes 44 scientific research journals, a weekly magazine and digital edition, e-newsletters, a mobile app and even a brand-new blog. Currently, 161,000 members belong to ACS and receive its flagship publication, Chemical & Engineering News.

Stephanie has run advertising programs with SRDS for almost seven years. “In b-to-b, it can be more challenging to get agency business,” she says. “Most companies that advertise with us buy media in-house and are familiar with industry associations, but when a brand uses an agency, they may not be as familiar with smaller, niche publications like ours,” she says. “Reaching an agency audience is a big reason why we invested with SRDS.” Stephanie offered to share more information about her experience with

Getting the ROI

 “When I started at ACS, one of my core tasks was to streamline the media kits, messaging and branding of the dozens of pubs we publish. We created an integrated media kit and microsite to serve as the funnel where we can direct leads. We already had an advertising investment with, but I needed that central foundation so I could prove the success of the program and track the ROI. Now, my analytics display the direct traffic we receive from to my microsite. This month alone we’ve had 7 visits.They read an average 11.71 pages per visit and spend 6:53 minutes on our site. Of the leads we get from, around 14% request rates, even though they can see rates on”

A Success Story

“A large courier delivery services company recently sent us an RFP. It was the type of thing we never would have known to go after because they’re not necessarily in our space. We found out that the lead came directly from SRDS, which is very promising and exciting. They’re now looking at buying 8 ad pages, which is over $50,000. That alone more than pays for our promoted listing in

Final Thoughts

“It’s key for b-to-b pubs to do their due diligence and check out If your competitors are there, you should be too. Take the opportunity and get yourself promoted in the categories that make sense. If we get one full ad page via SRDS that right there can pay for a promoted category listing quite easily. is a great platform and a no-brainer in terms of where a media publication should promote. If you have to pick one promotion option, this is it.”

Thanks to Stephanie for sharing her experiences with us and other media partners. To find out more about the American Chemical Society, or their new blog

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