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Ross Garnick has worked in publishing and marketing for over 25 years. In his current role at the  Ivy League Magazine Network , Ross serves as the Director of Sales and Marketing and is responsible for leading the marketing and sales efforts for nine Ivy League alumni publications which function as a single media platform for advertisers. “My goal is to provide advertisers with an opportunity to reach our unparalleled audience,” Ross says. “Our readers’ affluence and professional accomplishments are quite extraordinary. Currently, we have 1.2 million subscribers, all our magazines have digital platforms and we host exclusive events which advertisers can sponsor.”

In order to better connect and promote the Ivy League’s alumni magazines to potential advertisers, Ross turned to “We use to communicate our reach and audience to buyers effectively and efficiently. Our syndicated research shows that our readers are highly engaged with their alma maters, unlike most alumni, and they stay connected through our publications. We also have a unique editorial environment across a broad subject range seen through the alumni perspective. We invest in to get those points across to agencies. It’s a top place to tell our story.”

A Variety Marketing & Advertising Services

“I see as an essential tool used to evaluate and select advertising and marketing choices. When I came on board at the network a little over a year ago, my account manager provided me with all of the marketing opportunities SRDS offers to media companies, from premium listings to banner ads to sponsoring events. I like that we can break out our messaging in greater detail and we can be more proactive about being seen, heard and considered.”

Promote Your Unique Message

“Our publications are unique .You can't just pick them up on the newsstand. You can only get them if you’re an Ivy League alum and you choose to subscribe. We felt that running an ad campaign would be a good way to get the word out on the Network, what magazines are a part of it, who our audience is, and why we’re unique. It’s great from a branding standpoint and we needed to get that message across to users because we are very different than most media.”

Reach the Buyers Where They Work

“We’ve found that it can be tough to reach the agency and advertiser community in just one format or list whether that's an email blast or a direct mailing. It made sense to work with because agencies use it as a daily resource. It’s the place where they start their media planning.  The database is used by planners at all levels: big agencies, small agencies, brand marketers and consultants. It really is the Bible of media information. To my knowledge, there isn’t anything as thorough, comprehensive or effective. And that’s a big reason why we’ve invested in a premium SRDS listing.”

Thanks to Ross for sharing his experiences with us and other media partners. To find out more about the Ivy League Magazine Network and its unique advertising opportunities, visit

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