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John Maisel has worked for Electrical Contractor magazine for almost 13 years, but has been in the media world for closer to three decades. In his tenure at EC, John has repositioned, redesigned, and expanded the brand, which has been in existence for a little over 76 years. Electrical Contractor is a well-established magazine with a core audience of +80,000 electrical contractors in North America. It leads the $130 billion commercial/residential electrical contracting industry in every measurable media metric.

Although EC is in a niche, b-to-b space, the brand has a website, several e-newsletters, e-blasts, active social media channels, webinars and more. Soon, EC will have its own digital app as well to meet the demand of its subscribers. EC also releases a supplement to its magazine, which is comprised of unique market research material on the state of the electrical contractor industry and its members. Advertisers have a multitude of options to reach its audience because EC really is the voice of the industry, John says.

John has run Electrical Contractor’s SRDS program for over a decade and he believes it’s well-worth the investment. “SRDS is our primary promotion vehicle because it reaches a core group of influencers in media buying who can be challenging to reach with our message,” John says. “The digital tools that SRDS has developed, like the video media kits, are extremely effective to get our story to planners.” John offered to share more information about his experience with

Reach Buyers Where They Work

“SRDS provides us with a multimedia platform to tell our story to the people who need to hear it, and we can deliver our message directly to them vs. just our stats. EC’s circulation and metrics are fantastic, but sometimes you need more than that. SRDS helps planners understand our brand and why we’re a good buy. It’s that extra dimension that I think is so valuable. I'm a fan of SRDS because it's based on results.”

“There have been dramatic changes in the overall media buying landscape. Like so many of us, they really don't have the time or the experience in many different vertical markets to understand them all. They're swamped. SRDS is a tremendous learning tool for the buyer. It is like nothing else on the market. It can truly help the media buyer make the most informed buy in every market or vertical.”

Integrated Opportunities

“What we thoroughly enjoy are the wonderful enhancements that SRDS has made especially in digital that really help us get our message across. And the reporting data that we receive is very helpful. It's useful for me when I am selling management on justifying our SRDS investment. I am able to show them that it’s worth every cent and we are taking advantage of all the integrated opportunities, like the video media kit, that SRDS has introduced to us as a partner.”

The Results

“The response has been remarkable to our story and to our SRDS program. Our goal is to be in as many places in SRDS as we possibly can and we plan fully to continue that.  It's been a wonderful, successful partnership, and the stats bear that out in terms of traffic and views. We rank very high among all magazines that are in SRDS, so our investment works. EC is one of the leaders in terms of engagement. 

Thanks to John for sharing his experiences with us and other media partners. To find out more about Electrical Contractor, visit or explore its advertising opportunities in this video media kit.

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