Media planning and buying occurs more sporadically than before

In the past, autumn was traditionally thought of as the media planning and buying season. But that may be shifting, according to research from and James G. Elliott. The frequency of the planning/buying schedule is becoming more sporadic.

While more than a third of respondents (37%) said that the most common schedule frequency for planning is annual, the majority (63%) of respondents said their most common planning/buying schedule is either sporadic, quarterly or semi-annually. Further, almost half of respondents (49%) worked on planning/buying schedules with a sporadic frequency in the past 12 months.

This emphasis on “sporadic” planning may indicate that planners/buyers are also re-evaluating plans regularly. For media sales reps, this presents an additional challenge because it’s harder to know when the best time is to reach out for meetings and new offerings. If the planning is sporadic, any time may be the right time, but only the media planner knows.

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More Information about the Study: In Q4 2013, Kantar Media SRDS and James G. Elliott joined forced to understand the media planning and buying information needs of media planners and buyers at agencies. The objectives were to understand the habits of media planners and buyers, to learn about the types of clients and plans that media planners and buyers are working with, to determine the types of resources used for planning and buying and to understand what factors have an impact on media selection. The 200+ respondents were very qualified: they currently have media planning or buying responsibilities and had researched, recommended, planned or bought business-to-business, consumer magazine or digital media in the past 12 months. Click here for more information on the methodology.

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