More agency pros are responsible for planning and buying media

Planning and buying are no longer two exclusive roles at many agencies. The person who considers your brand could very well be the person who ultimately pays to run a campaign on your media property. What's the difference? The the planning side focuses on understanding what media a client's target customer engages with in order to develop a strategic plan of the best advertising opportunities. Media buying focuses on securing those advertising opportunities at the top price for the client. According to our research, 60% of respondents are currently responsible for both media planning and buying. One third are only responsible for media planning, while 7% are tasked with just media buying.

How are these professionals determining which media should be considered and ultimately make the plan? We found that 100% of our respondents said they always do the following when preparing and selecting media for consideration.

  • Seek out any input on objectives and audience from their client
  • Refer back to any information from a previous plan
  • Find and explore media properties via the planning platform at

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