MPA announces new magazine media 360 brand audience report

Magazine media metrics are about much more than ad page data. And now, the MPA is offering a way to measure magazine reach across media.  Magazine Media 360°  is the MPA's newly created industry metric that captures demand for magazine media content by measuring audiences across multiple platforms and formats (including print/digital editions, websites and video). This provides a more accurate picture of magazine media performance. The metric uses data from third-party providers, GfK MRI, Ipsos, comScore, Nielsen Online and SocialFlow, and covers 147 magazine brands from 30 companies. It will be released around the 20th of each month.

The first report showed that print and digital editions increased 2.1% that month, with an audience of 1.01 billion. Desktop/laptop dropped 4.6% with an audience of 205.3 million. Mobile increased 97.9% to 234 million. Overall, the industry showed a 10% uptick with an audience of 1.48 bullion. People held the top spot with a total score of 71,395, followed by Better Homes and Gardens, with 47,871.

Find out more about new metrics and what it means for magazine planners here.

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