Navigating clients through tough political advertising climates

Mike Lewis, Associate Media Director for Kelly Scott Madison in Chicago, spoke last night at the inaugural SRDS Media Mixology event at SD26 in New York.

Mr. Lewis covered methods media professionals can use to effectively manage ad placements during peak political election periods.

Timeframes rife with political advertisements pose a unique challenge for media companies due to the presence of opinionated and sometimes controversial messages circulating across media channels. This factor makes it imperative for marketers to employ creative and often-overlooked outreach tactics to combat market disarray, maximize budgets and avoid inadvertently placing client’s ads alongside negative spots, which can irreversibly damage a campaign’s intended message.

During his presentation, Mr. Lewis went into detail about

  • how he has implemented the prior-mentioned methods across past projects
  • the different issues various media vehicles pose
  • recent legislative developments that have changed the way advertisers overcome political clutter

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