New data on e-cig usage

This week's release of results from the CDC's 2014 National Youth Tobacco Survey is making headlines, particularly in its findings that e-cigarette use among high-school students increased nearly 800%. Why? For teens, aNew York Times story reports that, "A significant share said they were using the devices to quit smoking cigarettes or marijuana, while others said they had never smoked but liked being part of the trend and enjoyed the taste."

This may sound familiar to those of you who have downloaded Kantar Media's 2014 report on The Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on the Smoking Cessation Industry. E-cigs are quickly becoming a top competitor for both OTC and prescription smoking cessation products.

Click here to read the full Kantar Media report on adult e-cig usage and the CDC's infographic on the 2014 NYTS results.

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