New legal ads solicit those injured by faulty airbags

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Two of the leading trial lawyer giants, Goldwater Law Firm and Pulaski Law Firm, recently released two new creatives soliciting claimants allegedly injured by faulty airbags. Auto manufacturers Honda and General Motors were directly referenced in these new ads and while the creatives are similarly-themed, differing claims were made by the voiceovers.

Pulaski Law stated “If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in an automobile accident where the airbag did not deploy you may have a claim.”


Goldwater warns: “If you or a loved one was in an auto accident and was injured or scarred by fragments from your exploding airbag call the Goldwater Law Firm.”


Since the beginning of the year, Kantar Media/CMAG has observed that the amount of sponsors soliciting claimants allegedly injured by Takata airbags has dropped from nine to just five, with efforts consolidating behind just three trial law firm powerhouses as the year has advanced. Pulaski and Goldwater plus Florida-based Morgan & Morgan now account for 74% of the total spend on the ongoing legal saga against allegedly faulty Takata airbags in 2016.

We can surmise that the smaller firms in search of a quick, tidy settlement have been frustrated out of the process while the larger players that have the financial staying power remain on the airwaves.

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