No excuse for online ad mistakes; be equipped with best practices

McDonald's Ad Error

Have you seen the AdWeek story from last month about the latest online advertising blunder? A banner ad for a criminal lawyer’s firm appeared on the same page as his DUI mug shot. Ouch! While this is a relatively small-scale mistake, take a look at the McDonald’s ad screenshot above. It’s definitely not a PR nightmare but it certainly doesn’t do the fast food chain any favors.

With all of the targeting capabilities, keyword analysis and advanced data systems that marketers have access to, it’s surprising that so many mistakes like this still happen withonline adsThere’s even a Pinterest board featuring some of the biggest digital gaffes.

As more small businesses and local companies begin to explore online ads, they still need to be equipped with the basics so slipups like this don’t happen. With the Internet, even the tiniest error can be blown out of proportion for the whole world to see.

We’re currently working on a white paper that covers the basics of online media planning, including best practices for marketers so that you can cut down on the chances of making mistakes like these. You can also visit iMedia Connection for some good information on how quality, brand safety and advertiser category data can protect you from an online ad fail.

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