Olympics Look Back: Who’s Going for the Global Ad Gold?

Advertisers are spending big bucks to win viewers’ attention during the Olympics, but just who is competing varies greatly from one country to the next. While numerous global advertisers are leveraging the Olympics, some are choosing to only advertise in one country. Others are spanning multiple countries in an effort to reach as many consumers as possible. In advance of compiling complete global data for Rio, we’re looking back to the London Olympics to see who lead the last summer games.

According to our global data, P&G is clearly the winner, and indeed was the only advertiser to rank the top ten advertisers for every country analyzed. 2012 marked the first year P&G became an official worldwide sponsor of the Olympics, and the consumer goods behemoth decided to start off strong.

Other worldwide sponsors with a presence in the top 10 for more than one country included Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Visa. Although a non-sponsor, Unilever – which is one of P&G’s biggest competitors - also fared well with spending across three regions.

Olympics Spend 

Worldwide sponsors in 2012 that did not rank in the top 10 for ad spend in any country included Acer, Atos, Dow, Omega, Panasonic and Samsung.

Spotlight on the U.S.: Who’s on pace to win?

When looking at sponsor advertiser activity during this year’s games, Samsung seems to have done a 180. After not even ranking in the top ten during the last summer games, the electronics advertiser is leading in spend among both Worldwide and U.S. sponsors as of August 15th with $50 million of expenditures.

BMW has showed gains as well, currently holding the number two spot among sponsors after finishing at number seven overall in 2012 (number five among sponsors). Coca-Cola and McDonald’s both also continue to have a strong presence this year, each spending approximately $23 million thus far.

P&G may have fallen slightly in the U.S., but the company has still been spending big for Rio 2016. It was one of the top advertisers in the U.S. during the opening ceremony and through August 15th, spend during national U.S. broadcasts reached an estimated $29.2 million. P&G’s Olympics budget has been split among 30 different brands, including P&G corporate which had more spend than any other individual brand.

Who will end up winning the advertiser Olympics this year? Stay tuned — with three days of competition to go, it’s still anybody’s game.

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