Online advertising revenues continue to surge; reach almost $10.7 billion in q3 2013

Internet advertising has been breaking records since its inception and last year was no different. According to a new report from the IAB and PwC US, digital ad revenues hit $10.69 billion for Q3 2013, 15% rise in year-over-year growth. Further, that's about a 4% increase from Q2, a sign that it's keeping its momentum.

“Continuous growth has been a hallmark of the digital advertising space for several years now, and these numbers support the fact that interactive has become crucial to the marketing mix,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics & Measurement, IAB.

Here at Kantar Media SRDS, we recognized the importance of digital media advertising years ago, and we're still continuously making enhancements to both of our digital advertising databases in order to help marketers and agencies make the best ad choices online. For example, did you know that you can easily identify and evaluate the top networks, DSPs and ad tech companies? If your client wants to work with an IAB-certified vendor, you can filter networks by that designation and browse to find the company that offers the targeting abilities and cost structure that you need.

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