Opportunities for marketers to engage with patients

The Kantar Media Consumer Health Study again demonstrates how, at each point of the healthcare information gathering process, the patient is actively engaged.Consequently, marketers have new challenges—and opportunities—to communicate their message with active healthcare consumers.


This new infographic shows you where your target patients look for information.

Of course, the stats in this infographic (and much more) are available in greater detail in the new MARS Consumer Health Study. Marketers use this annual study to understand patient behaviors, attitudes and opinions, and their communication channels to build campaigns that reach their targets effectively. For more information, contact Michele Deutschman at 212.991.6008 or michele.deutschman@kantarmedia.com.

The 2015 MARS Consumer Health Study is the only dedicated, syndicated research in the healthcare industry that ties ailments, pharma brands, attitudes about healthcare and many other data points to consumers’ media consumption habits.


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