Organize radio stations by metro and non-metro markets

Over the weekend, we launched a new feature to that helps you organize yourradio station search results by metro and non-metro markets. 

The new “Group by Market” option is available in any search that includes radio stations (look under the sorting options).

After conducting your search (make sure you’ve filtered to radio stations-only), simply click the “Group by Market” check box and your results will organize into two sections:

  1. Metro Markets – Displays an alphabetical list of all the Arbitron-defined MSA’s  in your results.
  2. Non-Metro Markets – Displays an alphabetical list of states, broken down by an alphabetical list of non-metro market cities in your results.

Don’t forget you can also apply useful search filters to help you identify stations by format and primary demo!

Unfamiliar with the markets you're planning? The Market Lookup tool can help.

Simply Click the "Find Market" link at the top of the Markets area in the Radio database. Enter a ZIP Code, city and state, county and state or just the state to see what markets match your search criteria, plus see all the SRDS listings in these markets.

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