Outsmarting your competition with people & programmatic technology

People with trchnology

In traditional advertising, a big budget allows you to outspend the competition to get the best positioning, reach and frequency. The more you spend, the more exclusivity you can buy. While dollars are still an important part of the programmatic buying equation, there are several other factors that can give your brand an edge over the competition.

When you leverage data, technology and your workforce, it’s more likely that you’ll make the right digital buy and reach the right audience. If your agency or brand’s team is better equipped than others, you’re in a healthier position to make the right programmatic buying decisions. After all, the most advanced programmatic methods still come down to individuals who understand digital strategy, audience data and targeting and how to evaluate technology platforms. These pros may be responsible for executing and optimizing campaigns within an agency, a trading desk or DSP. They not only are familiar with the media planning and buying process, but also with using first-party data for targeting.

People are still almost always heavily involved in the strategy before a programmatic buy. Whether you’re working with a trading desk or DSP, someone must be responsible for that relationship and implementing buys in your platform. They may also be responsible for executing testing strategies and managing digital campaigns and analytics.

While there are concerns that programmatic replaces people, it will remain just as important for agencies and brands to have the right buying team in place to capitalize on programmatic in 2015. As a rule of thumb, programmatic mostly automates the grunt work in buying and allows decisions to be implemented faster. However, we believe that people continue to be crucial part of the decision process.

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