Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are actively engaged with patients

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners see an average of 71 patients per week, with the former seeing slightly more (75) than the latter (67), according to recently released research from Kantar Media.

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners represent a growing and increasingly valuable segment of the healthcare professionals’ universe, both for their role in patient education and counseling, and as prescribers. Kantar Media documents the media consumption habits of this important audience, and the information sources they rely on.

About 43% of PA/NP’s practice time is spent on patient education and counseling – which (given 261,611 PA/NPs working an average of 1800 hours annually) represents over 200 million hours of patient education/counseling time annually.

Kantar Media’s 2013 Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner study is designed to provide an unbiased evaluation of media brand consumption and information sources used by PA/NPs, tied to their patient interactions, prescribing habits, work location and specialty, to assist marketers as they evaluate promotional potential in physician assistant and nurse practitioner media.

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