Physicians Have Positive Attitudes toward Exposure to Advertising at Meetings and Conferences

Medical Conference

Overall, 87% of physicians surveyed in Kantar Media's Sources & Interactions Study, September 2015: Medical/Surgical Edition said they attended some type of meeting/conference or convention at least once a year. Furthermore, the average number of meetings attended by a physician is around 1.8 per year.

When asked how they felt about being exposed to advertising at these meetings, many said that advertising is not only necessary to allow a conference/meeting to happen, but it can also be useful. 49% of doctors see it as a necessary compromise that allows for keeping costs manageable to run these events and 44% of doctors find the ads useful and notice the ones that apply to their practice. 

Very few physicians (6%) felt that they would rather not see any type of advertising being displayed, even if it meant that the costs to attend the meetings would be higher out of pocket.  Only 5% feel that advertising at these meetings/conferences would unduly influence them in how they decide on treatment or make their prescribing decisions. 

Given what we know about this group and their feelings on advertising, exhibit halls appear to be a good opportunity for marketers. 97% physicians who attend these meetings visit the exhibit halls. Furthermore, 67% of those who visit spend at least 30 minutes or more there with an average of 60.9 minutes spent per physician.

Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions studies power informed decisions on healthcare professional promotional mix strategy for marketers and agencies, and provide medical publishers and content providers with actionable data on where their offerings fit into healthcare professionals’ information inventory. 

The Medical/Surgical edition of the study, conducted every six months and based on input from more than 3,000 physicians across 22 specialties, documents how doctors prefer to learn and keep up to date on medical developments through media, meetings, sales rep interactions and more. Sources and Interactions provides critical insight into how to most effectively engage physicians and reach them with news, educational content and promotional messaging.  

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