Physicians using social media for professional purposes

Social networking isn’t just something you do on your free time anymore. More professions – especially those that deal with the public – are incorporating these digital tools into their day jobs. Physicians included. On average, almost one in three physicians uses social networking for professional purposes, according to Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions Study. The majority of them are using professional social networks, which include Sermo, Medscape Physician Connect and QuantiaMD.

However, these physicians are much more likely to read and follow (30%) on professional social networks as opposed to writing/posting (3%), suggesting that they primarily use these sites to learn rather than show their own expertise.

Looking at the data by physician age, those in the 35+ group are nearly twice as likely to participate in a professional social network versus those in the under 35 group. Surprisingly, physicians ages 45-59 are the most likely to use any social network for professional purposes overall.

If you'd like to break this down by physician specialty, let me know.

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