Preparing for the digital health consumer with insights from the MARS Consumer Health Study

80% of adults go online for health and wellness information. It’s no longer about consumers adapting to digital health. Instead, marketers need to find out where their audiences are and how to effectively connect with them. As more people take responsibility for their health decisions by going online, brands have a plethora of channels to navigate when trying to reach their target audience.

Using the MARS Consumer Health Study, a segmentation was developed which scored the adult population on their “Health IQ” to identify consumers with a high propensity to adopt technology to manage their health. 

Health tech adopters: who are they? 

Health Tech Adopters represent 53 million U.S. adults: 

  • 76% are under the age of 50
  • 46% college degree+
  • 33% more likely to be self-employed
  • 40% more likely to be multicultural
  • 35% are caregivers
  • 41% are parents
  • 65% own homes

Adopters are more likely to suffer from:

  • Adult Acne 
  • Lupus
  • Eczema
  • IBD
  • Excessive Sweating  

They are 2X as likely to value for health information…

  • Online, magazine and TV ads
  • Online blogs/vlogs
  • Email newsletters
  • Social networking sites 

Adopters are 2X as likely to go online to…

  • Look for other opinions/options after a doctors’ diagnosis
  • Research or read reviews of medications or types of treatments
  • Purchase medication online 

Target “Health Tech Adopters” and 100+ healthcare audience segments defined by the MARS Consumer Health Study via your programmatic buying platform. For more information on the study or to receive a copy of the full infographic that contains all of these statistic in greater detail, contact Michele Deutschman at




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