Private exchanges vs. going direct to publisher [webinar question]

In June, we hosted a webinar detailing the basics of programmatic media buying. We received several questions about the digital advertising ecosystem and its major players. Over the next few weeks, we plan to answer each one of your questions that we received to make sure you have a handle on the complexities around online media buying.

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Since it is a single publisher, why do a private exchange vs. just going direct to publisher?

Buying through a private exchange can be much more automated and efficient than buying direct from a publisher. You’re also in a real-time bidding environment and impressions are won by the highest bidder, so there is a chance that you could access the same inventory for a lower price than if you went to the publisher. Plus, not all advertisers or agencies have time to call the publisher and negotiate a rate. They may prefer to work right from their DSP or trading desk, and work through the private exchange and the publisher's SSP.

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