Professional Health Print Ad Spend Through July 2016

Using Kantar Media’s Healthcare data, we examined advertising dollars in professional health print journals from January-July 2016. Ad spend in these publications reached $365 million during the measured period, a 3.7 percent increase year-over-year.

Lilly has increased spend by 68 percent compared to the similar time last year, putting the pharma company ahead of the competition. With $16 million in spend, Lilly currently owns 4.4 percent share of ad dollars for this media. Its next closest competitor, Johnson & Johnson, isn’t far behind but a 27 percent decrease in spend compared to last year doesn’t put the company on pace to catch up with Lilly any time soon.

Harvoni Tablets has been the leader for top spending drugs in 2016 thus far and is well ahead of the competition. However it’s been a close race for the rest of the top five drugs.  Xarelto, Viberzi, Trulicity and Latuda have been so close in spend all year, they have swapped places in the rankings a number of times.

From January-July 2016, there were 56,837 total ad pages purchased in professional health print journals. Cancer Therapy (Antineoplastic Agents) continues to be the top drug class advertising by both pages and dollars.

The margin between Antineoplastic Agents and all other drug classes continues to widen in terms of pages. The Cancer Therapy drugs had approximately 5,000 more pages than other drugs through the first half of this year. That lead has now increased to almost 6,000 additional pages.

Kantar Media sets the standard for accurate, comprehensive competitive advertising intelligence in professional healthcare. This analysis is part of ongoing healthcare reporting we release on a monthly basis. Make sure to check back next month for the most recent data, or contact us to learn more!

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