Profiling the American Smart TV Owner

Nearly one in four Americans have a smart TV in their home. Not only are these consumers early adopters of new technologies, but they also are hugely influential among their friends and family. Using Kantar Media's 2017 TGI study, which annually surveys 10,000 consumers, we developed a demographic and psycho-graphic profile of smart TV owners.

For instance, one-third of smart TV owners say they buy new technology products before most of their friends do—and then, not surprisingly, 35 percent say people come to them for advice before buying new things.

Some 44 percent of these tech aficionados say they usually are the first among their friends to know what’s going on; 54 percent say they like to pursue a life of challenge, novelty and change.

“These people are very influential in the technology space. They are looking for unique and interesting experiences with technology in all facets of their lives,” says Chris Ingram, national digital media account director for Kantar Media. “Marketers should want to engage with this type of consumer—because technology is so important to them, many technology dots connect within this group, and there is a halo e’ect on other devices.”




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