Programmatic advertising and its impact on other media

Increasingly, TV, radio and  out-of-home media  are becoming Internet-connected, forcing the question of how programmatic ad buying might be implemented in these different media to increase efficiencies. Programmatic is so appealing across media due to its ability to replace mass advertising with personalized communications that add value to an individual’s experience. Data-driven targeting allows a message to reach the right person at the right time, and it’s already starting to happen beyond mobile and the web.

Programmatic TV has already made some major headlines this year with a few companies trying to take the lead on this emerging market. In May, marketing software firm Turn launched a programmatic TV offering to give marketers the ability to find and target audiences online and offline, across every device and channel.

Another example of programmatic TV already occurring is through Sky AdSmart, a service that tailors the advertising presented to consumers viewing content on Sky. According to its website, “based on information you have provided to us as a Sky subscriber (such as post code or TV package) some adverts will be substituted with more relevant ones, so you should see more of the products and services you’re interested in and less of the things you’re not.” For example, the viewer may seem more ads for local businesses in their area. On the surface, it sounds extremely enterprising.

As programmatic expands in digital next year, stay tuned on the impact it will have on broadcast.

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