Programmatic will continue to grow over next several years

Programmatic digital ad buying is expected to surge 52% this year to $21 billion globally,according to a study from Magna Global. The firm also predicts that programmatic buying will expand at an annual rate of 27% over the next four years, reaching $53 billion of global ad spending in 2018.

The firm estimates that non-RTB buying is a larger part of programmatic globally, accounting for almost one-fourth (24%) of digital buys. RTB, on the other hand, accounts for 22%, while the bulk (54%) still remains non-programmatic buys. Magna predicts RTB will be the prevailing way to buy media by 2018, comprising 39% of all buys compared to 28% for non-RTB and 33% for traditional digital buying.

Magna also predicts that programmatic growth will occur faster in the U.S. where over $10 billion will be spent on programmatic in 2014, 53% of the global total.

This report reinforces several others that have been in the headlines lately, and further cements the fact that programmatic is not just another passing trend of advertising buzz word. It’s real, it’s here to stay and it’s being commonplace very quickly.

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