Publix Tries the Soft Sell

Few bonds are stronger than that of the father-daughter relationship and that is just what Publix is tapping in to in one of its latest campaigns. The one minute commercial, which began airing on June 22, is narrated by a father discussing how being a parent has changed him, and ends with him toasting his daughter at her birthday as an adult. Publix spent $1.7 million on the ad during the first week, which was 89% of total ad spend for the supermarket that week and its highest week for spend overall so far in 2015.

While many of its competitors are spending their ad dollars on the promotion of specific items or deals, Publix is taking a unique approach with this commercial that makes no mention of the company name until the last few seconds of the ad. It will be interesting to see if Publix continues with this trend of the soft sell in an effort to tug at consumers heartstrings, and connect with them on an emotional level.

Watch the moving commercial below:

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