Q&A from our July programmatic functionality webinar

Time was running short in our webinar on July 29, but we wanted to make sure we took the time to cover all the great questions that were asked by attendees. Here are the four we received along with answers. If you missed the webinar but would like to learn how you can access and buy guaranteed direct inventory from SRDS.com, watch the on-demand version here. Or, sign in to SRDS.com and start browsing inventory from hundreds of premium publishers now.

Does the live database take inventory avails into consideration?

SRDS.com reports the inventory that is being made available through our third-party programmatic partners. We do not check avails on the publishers’ ad servers in real-time. Much like an airline ticket, the inventory you see in SRDS.com may sell out or change prices in real-time. If you are interested in purchasing the inventory you see, you can click over and use the partner platforms to quickly check avails for your specific campaign dates.

The CPMs seem higher than what we normally get. Are these rate card CPMs that are negotiable?

Yes, prices for guaranteed direct inventory reflect a publisher's rate card or media kit pricing. Pricing for publisher inventory may be negotiated with the publisher during the buying process.

This seems like direct buying? What makes it programmatic?

Programmatic simply means using technology to buy and sell digital ads, which equates to more efficient advertising. Guaranteed direct is a form of programmatic because it automates and streamlines the buying process using technology. Specifically, the IO process is digitized through technology.

What are turnaround times for creative? Are they listed for each publisher?

As a general rule, the publishers require the buyer to submit creative as part of the order submission process so that they can determine whether or not to approve the deal. That means that your creative must be ready before you can submit an offer or order to each publisher. If the creative is approved, then you can check out and pay for your inventory.

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