Renting direct marketing lists from SRDS

Almost every day, our Service Center team receives questions about renting or purchasing direct marketing lists from SRDS. These questions often come from small business owners or marketers who have heard of SRDS and Direct Marketing List Source from seminars or web forums that (rightly) promote our services as the best way to get lists to build your business and marketing efforts.

We're glad so many marketers find us this way, but we want to be clear: we don’t actually sell or rent lists. While you can't purchase lists directly through SRDS, we can help you find what’s out there and evaluate them to find the exact lists that are right for your company and campaigns. 

SRDS Direct Marketing List Source puts all available information in your hands to help you take charge of your own marketing efforts.The truth is that list purchasing and direct-to-consumer marketing can be confusing if you don’t work with it often, but we're here to help and show you how can help you find lists, list managers and list brokers smoothly and effectively.

Some of the confusion about the role SRDS plays in the list process comes from the fact that there are so many factors and key players in direct marking. Let's take a deeper look at who's involved. 

List Owners – Create and own lists generated from sales and promotions of their own products/services.

List Compilers – Manufacture (compile) specialized lists from data found within public domain.

List Managers – Represent list owners and maintain, fulfill and bill for list rentals.

List Brokers – Recommend lists for specific direct marketing efforts and place orders from List Users. Their fees are paid by Owners/Managers/Compilers from whom they rent lists.

List Users – Work with List Brokers to find and rent lists that will effectively promote products or services. The Direct Marketing List Source helps users like you conduct preliminary research to narrow your options. 

Tying all of these professionals together is the SRDS Direct Marketing List Source.SRDS provides detailed information on over 70,000 U.S. and international lists from every available source. We obtain this information from list managers, owners, and compilers themselves – indeed most list brokers you might work with subscribe to as a main source of their insights. 

Of course, SRDS isn’t just for list professionals. You can start using it today – justclick here to learn more and subscribe.

Our database is growing every day. To see for yourself, sign up to receive "Today's New Lists" – a daily newsletter to alert you to new business and consumer lists added to our database. And while you can't purchase them directly from, you'll be better informed to make the right call when you do.


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