Retailers hop into spring with Easter savings

The hunt is on for Easter deals and advertisers have been busy targeting holiday shoppers in the market for everything from spring fashion, to home improvement materials and of course Easter candy. According to the National Retail Federation, an estimated eight in 10 U.S. adults plan to celebrate Easter, spending an average of $151 per person. Additionally, roughly half of those who don’t plan to celebrate still plan to take advantage of Easter-related sales. With so much retail activity about to occur, advertisers are seeing the holiday as an opportunity to gain momentum and kickstart seasonal sales.

In the four weeks leading into the holiday week (March 15-April14), advertisers invested an estimated $20 million promoting Easter themed messaging across TV, digital, print and radio. This is a 11% increase in holiday specific messaging compared to the four weeks ahead of the holiday last year. This year, Easter falls particularly late, which may have given advertisers more flexibility in their budgets to tie holiday messaging to other seasonal events like spring break sales. We define Easter advertising as ads which either make direct mention of the holiday or uses Easter imagery in their visuals.

Retail leads the way

During the measured period, the retail category had by far the highest share of spend for Easter advertising, controlling 82% ($16.4 million) of ad dollars. Further, the retail category was controlled by just a handful of advertisers. Overall, we have monitored just 33 retailers spending on Easter, with the top five accounting for a 87% category share.

Springing into savings

Sales and savings were the common thread for each of the top Easter advertisers. They each used the holiday to promote sales, loyalty rewards or their everyday low prices that regularly beat the competition while adverting a wide range of merchandise including apparel, crafts, décor, toys and candy. The majority of spend from this group (87%) was allocated towards TV advertising. Hobby Lobby was the outlier, investing its total budget in newspaper ads.





Easter Hobby Lobby

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