Search professional health ad images using categories

Researching competitive ad images? Easily find what you’re looking for, using MARS 3.8 image search fields.

Do you use MARS Medical Online for planning professional health media?

Did you know you can filter your MARS Image Search data by product, headline, image, company, class, category and date?

A “Category” is defined as a grouping of “classes” that comprise a broader search. The new Category field allows a user to enter a predefined category such as “Dental” as a search word and the search will pull up all products/classes assigned to “Dental.” Examples of some existing classes assigned to Dental are: Restoratives, Dental Equipment/Supplies, Bonding Materials, etc. By using a category, you eliminate the need to enter many relevant classes.

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To get the Ad images select all the products found or just the ones you are interested in viewing and press the View Ad Campaigns button.

MARS Medical Online users will find the Category/Class list in the MARS Online Library.

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