Setting up credit, buy minimums & other questions from our programmatic webinar

Over the last month, we've shared many of the questions we've received from users at our webinar on programmatic media buying. We have a few more to tackle in today's post, which should help clarify some confusion around how you use to initiate programmatic buys and the inventory that may be available.

Do you need to set up credit with the exchanges prior to clicking through to them from Kantar Media to place a buy?

Currently, Kantar Media SRDS is not working with ad exchanges. We are working with third-party buy-channels, such as SSPs and other vendors that facilitate the automated buying of publisher inventory.

Whether or not you need to set up credit with these companies is dependent on each of them. For example, BuySellAds and Shiny Ads generally require prepay until you are a repeat customer and are offered or request credit. For more information, please contact the provider.

Do most programmatic direct buying publishers have buy minimums?

Many do in order to have a greater degree of control over their inventory. It’s dependent on the publisher and the parameters they have put in place on the guaranteed direct platform.

Do all DSPs only buy what you refer to as remnant space?

No, the inventory purchased through DSPs varies depending on where the inventory is purchased from (network, exchange, direct-to-publisher) as well as the publisher.

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