Snapshot of digital ad sizes last month

The Digital Media database provides a wealth of data, research and intelligence on 22,000 U.S. websites that accept advertising, and more than 200 online ad networks and exchanges. We monitor almost 90 ad sizes served on websites, including IAB-Standard, IAB Rising Stars, IAB Delisted and Non-IAB.*

Based on that data, the following are high-level findings on the most frequent ad sizes in June.

We found that while there were 84 different ad sizes running online on websites listed in, just three – leaderboard, medium rectangle and wide skyscraper — accounted for more than half (53%) of all ads running. Beyond the top 10 most popular ad sizes listed in the pie chart above, the remaining 74 ad sizes only make up 23% of all ads running online in June.

Further, leaderboard ads and medium rectangle ads could both be seen on almost 85% of measured websites listed in This demonstrates that although the online advertising space is still a Wild West made up of a wide variety of ad sizes, the majority of these units are still uncommon and only run on select sites. Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle and Wide Skyscraper make up the majority of all ads running and can be seen on at least 50% of websites listed in

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We’ll keep an eye out on any trends or changes we identify and make sure to post about them, so check back often!

*Research Methodology:  Kantar Media SRDS uses third-party real-time technology to detect the ad units and formats running on websites that accept advertising at various times during a given time period. This analysis was conducted by applying this technology to 15,910 websites (and 64,265 online ads) during June 2013.

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