Spotlight on digital network profiles in

When you click into a profile in the Digital Networks & Tech database at, you'll find detailed information about the company and its capabilities. Each network listing will look a little different, due to the fact that the ad tech industry is complex with vendors offering a variety of services and options. But each will have at least three tabs.

The first tab you’ll find for every listing is "General Information," which gives you an overview of the vendor, its services, specialties, designations and more. For example, it will tell if you if the company is a network, if it's IAB Certified, etc.

In this tab, you’ll find a vendor profile, which may just be your golden ticket. Never again will you have to hunt down clear, concise descriptions for what networks and tech vendors do. For more detailed information, you’ll also find a link to the company's website and media kit (if available).

Additional data-points you may find:

  • Services
  • Specialty
  • Designations
  • Reach, specifically what percentage of U.S. households this vendor reaches via specific platforms, such as display, video or mobile
  • Targeting options offered  
  • Site Selection opportunities, such as site black-listing and cherry-picking

The second tab, "Contacts," provides you with any information we have on general or sales contacts from the vendor.

The third tab, "Platforms & Formats," details which ad platforms and formats were found on this site by our proprietary scanning technology and SRDS data experts.

You may see a "Rates" tab, which documents the pricing structures that the vendor accepts (or doesn’t) accept as well as any pricing policies they have.

You may also see two additional tabs after "Rates." The first is "Sites Served On." uses proprietary technology to detect the networks running ads on websites listed in during a given time period. This transparency data may help determine whether to consider working with a network or not.

You might also see a “Network Overview” tab if the company is currently advertising in In this tab, you'll find the company's positioning statement (also in the General Information tab), available research and featured marketing opportunities. Other listing features that advertising companies can have in their profiles are a company logo, a screenshot of its webpage and more information icons that link to the company's own research data, featured marketing opportunities and social media pages. users can sign in now to start exploring digital networks and tech companies. If you're interested in accessing Digital Networks & Tech in, email or call 800.232.0772 ext. 8025.

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