Spring MRI audience data now available in SRDScom

Spring GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) audience data has been added to 191 SRDS.com consumer profiles. MRI is an industry leader in measuring magazine audiences via its twice-yearly Survey of the American Consumer. This data is the currency in magazine planning and will enhance your ability to find, consider, understand and compare publications for your next media plan. To find the publications that now include this data, first sign in to SRDS.com and then select the Consumer Magazine Media database on the left side of the screen.

MRI data in SRDS

Next, under “Audit & Audience Data,” select the MRI filter that appears.

MRI data in SRDS

Check the box and a list of the consumer magazine titles with this data will display in your result set. To access the data within a listing detail, click to the ‘Circulation & Audience’ tab. MRI data is updated in SRDS.com twice each year. If you have any questions about MRI data or would like to find out how you can access the Consumer Magazine database,let us know

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