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Kantar Media SRDS strives to help you demystify the U.S. ad network and exchange ecosystem. The following Q&A is based on a conversation we had with Lauren DeSalvo, Product Marketing Manager & Public Relations of SteelHouse, an ad technology company with a cloud-based marketing platform. Lauren details what SteelHouse offers its clients and how the company differentiates itself from competitors.

Kantar Media SRDS: What does SteelHouse do?

DeSalvo: SteelHouse is an ad-tech company that works with brands, agencies and marketers through a cloud-based marketing platform. We reach more than 170 million consumers a month. SteelHouse specializes in consistently keeping advertisers’ messages in front of their audience no matter where they are online. Our marketing solutions, A2 Rich Media Ads, Real Time Offers™ and Retargeting, enable companies to drive high engagement in their ads, on and off their sites, based on consumers’ real-time behaviors.

A2 is our ad creation platform. Real Time Offers are branded, customizable messaging campaigns that deliver targeted offers to specific consumers, while they’re on an advertiser’s site. Our Retargeting solution allows advertisers to direct consumers’ buying behavior in real-time, regardless of where they are on the web.

We recently launched Slingshot, our retargeting technology combined with Real Time Offers. With Slingshot, we track users that view an advertiser's digital ads, and then if the user visits the advertiser's website within one hour, we show that user product offers on the site that correlate with the ad the user viewed.

Kantar Media SRDS: How is SteelHouse different from its competitors?

DeSalvo: Our retargeting solution, Slingshot, is a top differentiator because it enables advertisers to offer consistent messaging to their audience everywhere on the Internet. Slingshot pairs two campaigns (such as offsite Retargeting with onsite Real Time Offers) so shoppers see consistent messaging whether they are on or offsite. This leads to higher conversion rates and overall higher revenue per visitor. We are able to track peoples' movements across the web using unique identifiers. Tracking from device to device is known as multi-screen targeting, an area many companies are trying to figure out. We have our own proprietary technology in development.

Our creative platform, A2 Rich Media Ads, is another key differentiator. With A2, we can eliminate 95% of the cost and time associated with launching and executing ad campaigns. Our design team takes a brand's existing creative and builds IAB-compliant rich media ads enhanced with special effects like dynamic 3D carousels, countdown timers, video, and more – without the use of Flash. They also come with a smart pixel so advertisers can serve up creative of the most popular products or customized recommendations based on consumers’ behaviors.

Kantar Media SRDS: When in a buyer’s needs cycle is SteelHouse relevant?

DeSalvo: Ideally, we would be contacted when a marketing team is planning and creating their marketing calendar. However, because of the expedited launch cycle we can provide, we’ve also been used as a last-minute boost to supplement existing activities that may not be performing well.

Kantar Media SRDS: How did SteelHouse start?

DeSalvo: SteelHouse was launched in 2010 by former executives from companies such as eHarmony and Rubicon Project. We currently have about 80 employees located in Culver City, California.

Kantar Media SRDS: What is SteelHouse’s pricing structure?

DeSalvo: Our prices are based on volume, specifically, CPM based on volume of messaging in front of a consumer. We don't charge for creative.

Kantar Media SRDS: What is SteelHouse’s relationship with publishers and exchanges?

DeSalvo: Our ads are served through exchanges like Google Ad Exchange, OpenX, Rubicon and AppNexus, to list a few.

Kantar Media SRDS: Can you share an example of a successful client case study?  

DeSalvo: Creative Labs, Inc., a leader in digital entertainment products, wanted to drive site traffic, shorten the purchase cycle and increase online sales. The company turned to SteelHouse for its data-driven integrated marketing platform that would enable Creative Labs to deliver revenue-driving marketing campaigns during the holidays.

Using Slingshot, SteelHouse created two separate holiday campaigns for — a promotional Black Friday offer and a non-promotional holiday message campaign. Both campaigns were distributed via retargeting ads and mirrored with a Real Time Offer. By using multiple channels to reinforce their marketing campaigns, Creative Labs saw a 27% increase in average order values and a 332% lift in overall revenue per visitor on their holiday campaign. The campaign yielded an 87% lift in conversion, while the Black Friday promotion resulted in a 158% lift in conversion — a 245% total lift in conversion for the holiday sales period.

Kantar Media SRDS: Who can users contact with questions?

DeSalvo: Please contact Chris Chen, Director, Sales, at 310.895.2112

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