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Data Aficionado, high-end business magazine launching October 2015.

Engaged community of 110,000 business decision makers. 

Jon Leiman

We spoke with Jon Leiman, editor and publisher, about Data Aficionado, his new magazine launching October 2015. We talked about the reasons advertisers want to connect with this business audience through his varied media channels, especially this new magazine. 

Kantar Media SRDS: Jon, this is a really high-end magazine, almost like a coffee table book. The content is data quality, which most people don’t think is particularly exciting. Why make this kind of investment now, around a topic that’s not generally considered to attract prominent executives?

Jon Leiman: That misconception is exactly why we created Data Aficionado, print and digital editions. There’s a community of senior executives, each concerned with data quality in one or many parts of their business. These thought leaders are key to their companies’ success, and they are driving debates and best practices around data quality. They have a strong connection into our data quality community, but they don’t have a high-image publication that highlights their peers and their interests. 

Kantar Media SRDS: Tell us more about this audience.

Jon Leiman: Our community is over 110,000 business decision makers – and audience that’s comparable in purchasing power to that of Forbes or Fast Company. You could say they’re data geeks, or data wonks, but that’s downplaying their importance in the business world and as consumers. Our readers are traveling a lot for business and personal, they’re making significant purchase decisions for their companies, and they deserve, and want, respect from their peers, in context of their expertise.

Kantar Media SRDS: What types of advertisers should connect with this audience?

Jon Leiman: Well on the business side, major brands involved in data products and services are the obvious fit. Companies like IBM, who’s been a partner for years. The purchase decisions these readers make for their companies don’t have small price tags. And this is an obvious audience for all the services that make travel smoother, financial services, and luxury goods. American Express signed a schedule with us, and we’re talking to the types of advertisers that run in Fast Company or Robb Report brands. One of our key business service advertisers did research around the value of their schedules and found that we had the highest composition of top management titles among the media brands they bought, and a great ROI. 

Data Aficionado cover

Kantar Media SRDS: Why don’t you give a quick overview of what the Data Aficionado magazine is, and why that engages your audience.

Jon Leiman: First off, Data Aficionado is a high-quality, image driven publication. You’d want to take it on the plane to read. Of course content matters, and we have editorial focused on the different aspects of data quality, and really covering the most current issues. We know they’re the important issues, because the topics are driven by the conversations taking place in the community through our digital outlets, Data Quality Council committees and task forces, and in-person conferences. Our audience is telling us what is critical to them, and they want to read our coverage to understand the debate, and opinions from key leaders. Data can be a pretty dry subject, but it’s their life, and they want to see data issues and their colleagues given the high-profile treatment.

It’s definitely the content they want, but the editorial is also formatted in a way that’s really personal. We highlight CEOs, we profile the up-and-coming professionals in different specialties – people who are nominated and voted on by the community. Data dominators, technology trendsetters, researchers to know. Everyone wants to see those lists, who they know, if their mentor was showcased. We’ve really crafted a personal experience in the magazine, and that’s continued in our other content channels.   

Kantar Media SRDS: So the magazine is a very tangible way they’re interacting, but why don’t you share a little bit about your different channels.

Jon Leiman: The print and digital editions of Data Aficionado are the vehicles that attract subscribers, and then we leverage their interests to other formats. We also have the DataQualityCouncil website, and a really great weekly enewsletter that’s based on industry news and product information. But we work with our advertisers to develop email marketing and webinars that really pull in the audience segment they want to reach. We’re distributing podcasts through organizations like Live 365, and helping advertisers get their message to the audience in the right ways. It’s not that we just push the same content through all channels, but we’re extending the content to individuals beyond the print.

Kantar Media SRDS: Are your btob advertisers ready to leverage audio and video formats?

Jon Leiman: In the last year, we’ve invested in an on-site video and audio studio, because our audience wants the information in a variety of formats. There are a lot of suppliers that might not have audio or video content ready, so we can bridge the process between what they have, adding our experience in the product and distribution. We’re generating most of the content from idea to production and editing, it’s very customizable; we can work with our sponsors to get their (offering) into the right content to make an impact.

Kantar Media SRDS: You’ve mentioned the Data Quality Council and that this audience is built by the people involved in that organization. What is the Data Quality Council?

Jon Leiman: The Data Quality Council is an organization that started 5-7 years ago, bringing together about 50 companies, about 200 people, who were concerned with data quality, specifically around research, that has expanded to people in other areas of business concerned with data quality. About 2 years ago, the council asked my organization to get involved because of our other media brand Survey Magazine, which serves the research community. The council asked us to facilitate a conference, and we’ve since taken on the responsibilities of their digital communication with the members, and now added Data Aficionado.

The Data Quality Council serves a key role in this industry. Through its committees, conferences, and communications, it facilitates the conversation around different ideas around data quality. It has a process to review, debate, and ultimately decide and publish best practices on different aspects of the data industry. That’s the drive behind the Data Quality Council, and we use the eNewsletter and the digital publication to help broadcast all the content surrounding that activity. And companies providing services to these data executives, our advertisers, are also involved in the dialogue, decisions, and implementing best practices. The communication channels bring advertisers into meaningful relationships.

Kantar Media SRDS: You’ve mentioned working closely with advertisers to target the right people in your audience, through the right content and format. How do you do that?

Jon Leiman: We’ve created (and branded) a process over time that gives us the ability to attract a reader to a certain piece in a certain format, and then monitor their behavior. So, we’ve developed a backend tracking mechanism that allows us the ability to see how we’ve attracted a reader into our publication, what content have they interacted with, and then we can drive them into content that’s more engaging and more interesting to them, and we can do that, also, for our customers. It tracks their known interests, their interactivity with different content and formats, the time of day they interact, so we can deliver our sponsors’ messages to the right people. For example when we’re developing a webinar for a sponsor, we bring in community members who are thought leaders. If we know our users are interested in applications, but they already know the basics, we can develop a campaign, content, webinar, around the next deeper level of content. This process improves the leads we generate, and really create a conversation between advertisers and the right people in our audience. We’ve branded it Contentuity.

Kantar Media SRDS: Why are you excited to talk to SRDS users?

Jon Leiman: Your users are recommending and buying advertising for all types of clients. They’re very savvy, involved in different media types, and know the value of integrated campaigns and content. I’ve met some of them at your Media Mixology events, which gives me the opportunity to make a connection and then share the powerful audience we can offer their clients.

Kantar Media SRDS: If you had just a sentence or two that you wanted our users to remember, what would that be?

Jon Leiman: We have a powerful business audience with a lot of buying power professionally and personally. But they’re more than just an audience, they’re a community, and we’re connected with them in very intimate ways. They stay tightly connected because we’re so timely covering the issues they’re facing, through the media channels they want to consume, as they move their industry forward. We’re going to bring a higher level of engagement between our advertisers and the right people in the data quality community.

And I look forward to meeting more of the NYC SRDS user community at Media Mixology. I’ll even give them the premier edition of Data Aficionado magazine, before it launches with our users. 

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