media data updates through 1st quarter

In March, our team made 7,895 updates to the databases (not including direct marketing updates), bringing the first-quarter total to more than 17,000 updates in 2015 so far. For the first quarter of 2015, the updates break down as follows:

  • 3,594 newspaper updates
  • 3,641 business publication updates
  • 2,670 digital updates (websites, networks and other tech companies)
  • 2,214 radio updates
  • 2,161 consumer magazine updates
  • 317 out-of-home updates
  • 323 TV & cable updates

If you have any questions about updates, let us know or sign in now to start working on your next media plan. You can also find out about the updates we made to SRDS Direct Marketing List Source here.

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